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Benefits of joing Xyourmoney- ☝click to view picture

Welcome to Xyourmoney Network Platform

Welcome, we are pleased to have you here. If you are new here, please read this to the end.
To start, you must first sign up to this network. You cannot sign up without an email address so if you do not have one, go to or or others to create account.  With your email address,  sign up  to Xyourmoney Network Platform. To start earning you must first get Your Invitation Link, because you will be asked to input it when you are filling the form to enter and earn. To get your Your Invitation Link click, INVITE, or look up on the menu and click, INVITE FRIENDS. When it opens, under Invite Friends you will see Your Invitation Link, look at the link in the box carefully and copy it all from the "http://.." to the last character. See the example in the picture below:

In this example, the Invitation Link is . Copy yours, and share it with friends when you are inviting them. Always do this to copy your lnvitation Link and share it with friends when you are inviting them.
To start, look up and click FILL FORM TO ENTER AND EARN, fill the form, in filling the form input the Invitation Link given to you by the one inviting you. Input it copying and pasting it at the Inviter Link space provided by the form.  After your name, phone number and other personal details are inputted,  now submit the form to us by pressing,  CLICK ME TO MULTIPLY YOUR MONEY to submit your entries.  As instructed by the form send money to your agent  mobile money account through the mobile money account and name provided to complete registration. Non-Ghanaisns (that's people not living in Ghana) can pay through the bitcoin address as instructed. Money should be paid within 12 hours, else your entries will be deleted and you have to refill form before payment.
 After money is sent, within 12 hours you will receive a text message confirming that your registrstion to enter and earn was successful. From this, you can start inviting. But remember to give anyone you invite your code name so they can input it at the inviter code name field when they are filling the form. Code names help us to identify the people you invited so we can calculate your earnings for you.
Each person you invite, you earn 50% of the amount you entered with. This means if you invite only 2 people, you are earning 100%. Example, if you enter with GH₵ 20, you will earn GH₵ 10 on one person you invite and another GH₵ 10 on another one person you invite. If you request for payment after inviting just 2 people, you will receive what you entered (GH₵ 20)  with plus your earnings for inviting 2 people  (GH₵ 10 + GH₵ 10), so that will be GH₵ 40. You have no limit on the number of people you can invite. But you can only enter with  GH₵ 5, ₵10, GH₵20 , GH₵50, GH₵100 or GH₵200. To learn more look up and click HOW IT ALL WORKS on the menu bar, or simply click,  learn more. After even a single invite, you can request for payment. To request for payment, simply look up and click REQUEST FOR PAYMENT, on the menu bar. If you are unable to invite anyone, we give you 8 weeks, and your money will be returned to you in full.

To know more about us  and who we are, look up and click ABOUT US

Chat & Messages 
 To easily chat or send messages or receive messages with friends you invited always log in, this will also give you the opportunity to chat with your agent or friends or a friend who invited you for help. They will assist you if you have any problem fillling the form or anything at all. You can also chat with Xyourmoney administrator, but just call him admin for short. We also have a discussion group where you can raise a topic and everyone meets there to discuss. Chatting and sending messages purposely helps you to communicate easily to assit all the people you invite should they need any help. You can even make new friends and chat with them in private, in fact you can chat with anyone privately.  Have fun as you multiply your money.  Signing up simply help you feel our network presence. You cannot join us without signing up. In most cases, chatting is only possible when the recipient is online. Sending messages is more effective, whether the person is online or offline the messages will get to him or her.

You can also join our WhatsApp group to meet members and an agent for help or discuss issues. Click, JOIN WHATSAPP GROUP to join.
Inviting Others to Join 

Invitation is the most important thing in this network. 
If you have sign up to this network platform and you have filled the form, there are two ways to invite, either way will do, but you can also use both ways to reach more people. They are Invite through email and lnvite through any media.
1. Invite through email

If you have sign up to this network,  simply click INVITE, or look up and click INVITE FRIENDS, you will see this: 

Now go to Send to and type your friends email address. If you are inviting multiple friends at once, type their email addresses and separate them with comma. From there, go to Message, and type your message as shown in the picture above. Remember to include your name in the message so that your friend can know the message is from you. Now click Send invitations.

2.  lnvite through any media
You can also just send a link to your whatsapp friends, facebook or even a text message. When they click the link they land on this network like you did. To be able to this, simply click, INVITE, or look up and click INVITE FRIENDS on the menu bar. On this particular portion you see on the picture below you will find your invitation link:
Copy Your invitation link (http://example......), copy everything from the http to the last character and paste it your whatsapp chats or facebook or text messages or others and add your own words to the link and send your invites to friends.

If you have questions, suggestions or anything chat with admin, agent or friends. Or JOIN WHATSAPP GROUP, for more.  You can also click, CONTACT US, to contact us or look up and click, CONTACT US.

1. Aside the agent and admin, do not share your mobile money number with anyone. The agent is the one you send and receive money from. Take note.
2. Do not share your mobile money PIN with anyone.

If you do not understand anything just send a message to your friend, agent or admin for help. Anyway, always go to the button of this page and see your profile, maybe you have messages from friends. Or see other members. Aside this, you can also go to the top right corner, click accounts and view your profile and other things. Have fun, as you multiply your money.
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